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In 1997 Woodson K. Woods embarked on a journey to build a privateer inspired by the original historic tall ship from the War of 1812 – The Privateer Lynx. His goal was to create a living history museum to educate children and adults alike about American history through active sail training aboard a real wooden sailing ship.

What went into Lynx was not just wood, rope, brass and canvas. It was not just sweat, blood, heartache and laughter either. What went into her goes far beyond history, ambition, inspiration, determination and commitment. In 2016 Lynx was purchased from Woods Maritime LLC , by the Lynx Educational Foundation, Lynx hails out of Nantucket Island, Ma. Donald Emmons Peacock, President and captain. Our partner in education is Egan Maritime Institute in Nantucket. Lynx winters in city of St Petersburg, Florida our winter home. Since 2015, Lynx Donald E. Peacock, president, and Captain Lynx winters in St. Simons Island, GA, November through May.


On July 28, 2001 in Rockport, Maine Woods’ vision was realized. Past and present converged as Lynx was launched in a gala event ordaining a magnificent future on the high seas.

The creation of Lynx embraces eternal truths: passion, sacrifice, perseverance, honor and courage. All of these emotions gave her a soul long before she tasted her first saltwater. At sea, Lynx is the legacy of her creators: the thinkers, the designers, the builders, and most important, the dreamers…

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Meet The Crew

Captain Donald E. Peacock

Captain Donald Peacock is president of the Lynx Educational Foundation, that operates the Tall Ship Lynx.  Captain Peacock started sailing as a young boy in Nantucket and at camp on small New Hampshire lake. Now a Senior Captain, Don has been with the LEF as a volunteer, a  Board Member and President of the Board of Directors since 2010, Captain Peacock took over full responsibility of the ship and program from Woodson Woods in 2014.  Captain Peacock hails from New Hampshire and Nantucket and can date traditional sailing in his family back to 1828. 

Captain Sean Canniff

Captain Sean Canniff grew up in Marshfield, a small seaside town on the South Shore of MA.  Sean got his start on Tallships as a cook on a schooner sailing from Boston to Key West at the age of 19. He found the structure and sense of community found from being a member of the crew a comfortable place where he could thrive. From there, he began his ascent up the ladder as a "hawsepiper".  Captain Sean has sailed on Liberty Clipper, Liberty Star, Bagheera, Wendameen, Amistad, Angelique, Roseway, Californian, Harvey Gamage and now Lynx. He credits his time aboard these ships for transforming his life.   READ MORE

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Bell Perkins joins the Lynx Tall Ship as part of the crew. She hails from an exchange program rooted from the Brig Niagara, a two-masted, square-rigged sailing vessel classified as a Snow Brig. The Brig Niagara docks in Eerie, PA.  Other Lynx crew members say they "are happy to have her kind, inquiring spirit aboard and besides being a good deck hand, she is a real good purser."  Belle's professional experience prior coming to the Lynx was in  retail.


LeeAnn Buse is the Education Director for the LYNX Educational Foundation and has extensive experience in teaching diverse learners, having worked as a classroom teacher for 33 years. She has a Masters  in Learning Disabilities and a BA. in K-12 Education,. She's been volunteering aboard the  Lynx since 2010, bringing passion for education and sailing. Raised on the Great Lakes, she's sailed on a variety of vessels, including large brigs and schooners, over 25 years.


Hank West joins the Lynx Tall Ship as part of the crew, hailing from an exchange program rooted from the Big Niagara, a two-masted, square-rigged sailing vessel classified as a Snow Brig. The Lynx crew said they are pleased to have Hank “on loan” from Erie, PA.  They believe it is a great opportunity to cross train, and gives the Lynx a great opportunity to have sea time when northern ships are stitched to the dock.  They note that Hank has brought great enthusiasm and energy to everyone's experience on the Lynx.

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