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In 1997 Woodson K. Woods embarked on a journey to build a privateer inspired by the original historic tall ship from the War of 1812 – The Privateer Lynx. His goal was to create a living history museum to educate children and adults alike about American history through active sail training aboard a real wooden sailing ship.

What went into Lynx was not just wood, rope, brass and canvas. It was not just sweat, blood, heartache and laughter either. What went into her goes far beyond history, ambition, inspiration, determination and commitment. In 2016 Lynx was purchased from Woods Maritime LLC , by the Lynx Educational Foundation, Lynx hails out of Nantucket Island, Ma. Donald Emmons Peacock, President and captain. Our partner in education is Egan Maritime Institute in Nantucket. Lynx winters in city of St Petersburg, Florida our winter home. Since 2015, Lynx Donald E. Peacock, president, and Captain Lynx winters in St. Simons Island, GA, November through May.


On July 28, 2001 in Rockport, Maine Woods’ vision was realized. Past and present converged as Lynx was launched in a gala event ordaining a magnificent future on the high seas.

The creation of Lynx embraces eternal truths: passion, sacrifice, perseverance, honor and courage. All of these emotions gave her a soul long before she tasted her first saltwater. At sea, Lynx is the legacy of her creators: the thinkers, the designers, the builders, and most important, the dreamers…

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Meet The Crew

Captain Donald E. Peacock

Captain Donald Peacock is president of the Lynx Educational Foundation, that operates the Tall Ship Lynx.  Captain Peacock started sailing as a young boy in Nantucket and at camp on small New Hampshire lake. Now a Senior Captain, Don has been with the LEF as a volunteer, a  Board Member and President of the Board of Directors since 2010, Captain Peacock took over full responsibility of the ship and program from Woodson Woods in 2014.  Captain Peacock hails from New Hampshire and Nantucket and can date traditional sailing in his family back to 1828. 

Captain Sean Canniff

Captain Sean Canniff grew up in Marshfield, a small seaside town on the South Shore of MA.  Sean got his start on Tallships as a cook on a schooner sailing from Boston to Key West at the age of 19. He found the structure and sense of community found from being a member of the crew a comfortable place where he could thrive. From there, he began his ascent up the ladder as a "hawsepiper".  Captain Sean has sailed on Liberty Clipper, Liberty Star, Bagheera, Wendameen, Amistad, Angelique, Roseway, Californian, Harvey Gamage and now Lynx. He credits his time aboard these ships for transforming his life.   READ MORE

Education Coordinator

LeeAnn Buse is the Education Director for the LYNX Educational Foundation and has extensive experience in teaching diverse learners, having worked as a classroom teacher for 33 years. She has a Masters  in Learning Disabilities and a BA. in K-12 Education,. She's been volunteering aboard the  Lynx since 2010, bringing passion for education and sailing. Raised on the Great Lakes, she's sailed on a variety of vessels, including large brigs and schooners, over 25 years.

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Landen Trunk
Senior Deckhand

Landen Trunk comes to us from Scranton, Pennsylvania. For Landen, it was always a dream to crew on a ship like the Schooner Lynx. He never thought it would materialize into something so spectacular. His previous ship experience includes a summer season of sailing on the Gundalow Piscataqua in Portsmouth, NH. Landen plans to further his career in the Tall Ships industry by using his skills and experience that he has gained working as Senior Deckhand on the Lynx. 

Liam Crew Photo_edited.jpg

Liam Trunk followed his brother, senior deckhand Landen Trunk, to the Lynx to have the summer of a lifetime sailing around Nantucket Island. Liam was previously an educator/deckhand on the Gundalow, Piscataqua in Portsmouth, NH with his brother and sister. Liam sees the experience he has gained on Lynx to be a valuable life tool that he can use in many other aspects of life and hopes to inspire many future generations of sailors. 

Troy Crew Photo.jpg

Troy Ingram hails from Birmingham, Alabama. The Schooner Lynx was one of the first Tall Ships he had ever heard of. After seeing her at a tall ships event but missing out on a chance to sail aboard, he always felt like the ship was special to him. Troy finally got the opportunity to sail onboard Lynx when a crewmate from his previous ship the AJ Meerwald recommended it to him. Troy's Tall Ships experience includes the Amistad, the Margaret Todd, and the Alvei among others. He dreams of one day sailing his own Tall Ship out of Mobil, Alabama!

Frankie Crew Photo.jpg

Frankie Tracey joined the Schooner Lynx after his previous ship, the U.S. Brig Niagara's season was cut short. The ship was recommended to him by some of his crewmates on Niagara who had worked on Lynx before. His previous ships include the U.S. Brig Niagara and the Schooner Letty G. Howard. Tall Ships are a long term goal for Frankie. He plans to climb the ranks in the industry by incorporating the skills he has learned while working on the Lynx into his future work as a sailor. 

Brian Crew Photo.jpg

Brian Miller sailed his own boat all the way down the east coast and found us in Saint Simons Island, Georgia. He started his journey from Winthrop harbor in Illinois and found us on his way South to Panama. He saw the Lynx, one of his favorite Tall Ships in the industry, and decided to inquire about a job. Lynx is Brian's first Tall Ship, but he has sailed his own vessel for six years. For Brian, the Lynx is an attempt to do away with Land life and make a living on the sea.

Deckhand/Medical Officer

Caroline Naser comes from the port of Erie, Pennsylvania. She's been sailing tall ships since 2018, starting with the Lettie G. Howard and gaining experience on other vessels such as the U.S. Brig Niagara, T.S. Playfair, and STV Pathfinder. She's always had a passion for tall ships and has learned so much from her fellow sailors. Caroline's dream is to teach students about the history and knowledge of the vessels she's worked on, and inspire the next generation of sailors. Her next goals are getting her A.B. License, an Inland/Great Lakes Mates license, and increasing her knowledge of historical sailing. 

Mya Crew Photo.jpg

Mya Harmon found us in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She felt called to pack up and jump aboard the Southbound Schooner Lynx, her first Tall Ship. She is a quick learner and has spent her time aboard the ship rapidly learning everything there is to know about Tall Ships and the Lynx in particular. Mya has found the Lynx to be a very meaningful calling. She feels that Tall Ships provide her with a sense of responsibility and purpose.

Sam Crew Photo.jpg
Deckhand/Bosun's Mate

Sam Whipple comes to us from Pittsburg, California. The Schooner Lynx was recommended to Sam by his former crew member and Chief Mate on the Matthew Turner. Sam's previous Tall Ship experience includes the Matthew Turner and the Schooner Seaward. He plans to use the skills and experience he gains on the Schooner Lynx to achieve his maritime goals. These include obtaining licensing which he hopes to  use to further his career in the Tall Ships industry and continue making an educational impact on the future of the maritime community. 

Lilly Trunk
Ship's Cook

Lilly Trunk followed her brothers to the Lynx after she heard they were in need of a ship's cook. For the first time ever, three siblings all join the Lynx crew together. She and her brothers worked together on a ship in Portsmouth, NH called the Gundalow and saw the Lynx at the Parade of sail in 2022. Her previous experience involves teaching educational stations on the Gundalow and serving as a camp counselor. Lilly hopes to continue using sailing and education as a means to impact future generations.

St. Simons bright.jpg

John Hart comes to us from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has sailed his own boat Directionally Correct for a few years now and brings a lot of sailing experience to the Schooner Lynx and her Crew. John's previous sailing experience includes Bosun's school on board the Barque Picton Castle. He is also involved in a number of other sailing adventures and hopes to continue doing so for many more years 

Chuck and Kelly.jpg
Chuck and 
New Hampshire Volunteers

Chuck and Kelly come to us from Portsmouth and Newmarket, New Hampshire. Chuck and Kelly  spend some of the coldest winter months in Saint Simons Island, Georgia. This happens to be the winter home port of the Lynx. Both Chuck and Kelly also work/volunteer on the Gundalow Piscataqua in Portsmouth, NH during the summer months. They generously volunteer on board the Lynx sharing their experience and willingness to help with the rest of the crew.

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